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High Impact Ads are designed to drive unparalleled awareness and engagement. Our high impact formats - which include all six IAB Rising Stars - give you all the impact of custom publisher buys, but can be easily scaled across our portfolio of top-tier publishers and across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

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Digital Media Spend Rises for Multicultural Outreach

Growth: If multicultural segments are growing at higher rates than the general population, it implies that they are also consuming most products at higher rates than the rest

Globalization: Once a corporation acknowledges the value of multicultural marketing and begins investing in research and development of products and new marketing capabilities, these can be leveraged in the global environment.

Percent of Multicultural Media Budget Allocated to Digital Media Platforms According to US Marketers, 2010 & 2012

% of respondents
  • 2010
  • 2012
Note: 2010 n=56; 2012 n=68; client-side marketers
Source: Association of National Advertisers (ANA), “2012 Multicultural
Marketing and Newer Media Survey Results,” Oct 5, 2012

800 million ads per month to Chinese audiences


China Ad Gateway is the premium advertising network company that serves advertisers targeting the fast-growing China market and publishers with quality contents and dedicated Chinese audience. Our network of high quality websites delivers 800 million ads per month to Chinese audiences.

Our professional team of experienced advertising and marketing professionals is the key to providing advertisers the best value on online advertising. We are passionate to bring the best quality mix of online advertising media to the advertising industry and allow the publishers to monetize their inventories.

We provide a marketplace with an extensive network of quality online advertising inventories in China. Through China Ad Gateway’s sophisticated technology and rich knowledge of the China market , marketers can execute innovative online marketing tactics and reach on-the-go audiences with excellent return on investment.


Relevant ads with unique approach to increase your ROI

China Ad Gateway offers its network of consumer-branded sites and a comprehensive suite of targeting capabilities enabling advertisers to target specific audiences online with scale and accuracy.

Utilizing China Ad Gateway’s proprietary targeting technologies, major brand advertisers in the automotive, retail, packaged goods and financial industries, among others, reach highly specific audiences online.

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